CReED offers practice-oriented training measures for various levels: operators, engineers and scientists, management and decision-makers. With CReED research topics with a practice background on large-scaled plants can be performed. By the expert personal of the center as well as by guest scientists. Also we have a network of internationally known experts, companies and universities of waste management and environmental technique sector.

With CReED you may experience modern technologies hands-on. Almost every notable recycling machine constructors show its plants and techniques to the CReED-members in order to demonstrate them in rough practice conditions. So that it becomes possible to watch innovative technologies and plants beside of messes and showrooms but while its daily application. The know-how-transfer with experts from all over the world lead into a continuous addition of knowledge and experiences and induce CReED-partnerships to exchange them.

Our Field of Work

We focus on international application of effective and suitable technologies and procedures of

  • strategies and concepts for waste avoidance
  • collection logistics and management
  • development of waste management concepts
  • treatment and recycling technologies and the generation and product development of secondary resources for various waste material
  • utilization of biomass by composting and fermentation
  • generation of secondary resources from waste and residue material
  • landfill - construction, operation, decommissioning, aftercare and dismantling
  • problem site assessment and sanitation
  • planning, construction and operation of plants
  • climate saving measures in waste management
  • waste pre-treatment and storage before landfill installation
  • finance models of waste disposal
  • integration of informal sector