On 01.07.2009, the CReED e.V. (Center for Research and Education) was founded as the supporting association of the international research and training centre at the Pohlsche Heide waste disposal centre in the district of Minden and its statutes have been established. The founding members and the newly elected Executive Board look forward with great confidence to the tasks and developments ahead.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Johannes Weinig


FH Bielefeld, Campus Minden

Dipl.-Ing. Burkart Schulte

Vice Chairman

Geschäftsführer ReSeT UG

Dipl.-Chemiker Bernd Büscher


Geschäftsführer der UWE Sondermüll & Recycling GmbH, Taucha

Werner P. Bauer

Member of the Board

WtERT Germany GmbH

Lutz Freiberg

Member of the Board

Baudezernent des Kreises Minden-Lübbecke

Hartmut Haeming

Member of the Board

AVG Köln

Dr. Michael Krüger

Member of the Board

PreZero Deutschland KG, Leiter Technik Consulting, Porta Westfalica

Dipl.-Ing. Henning Schreiber

Member of the Board

Geschäftsführer KAVG GmbH