Ethic Principles

CReED intensively dealt with the formulation of criteria and requirements for admission. It is going to be authored a code of conduct for the members and their activities.

The members should commit to meet basic, international fixed and nationally anchored law, social and ecological standards. The members should commit to the ethic principles that reflects its business practice. This includes relationships to employees, clients, suppliers, competitors, government bodies and the publicity. No member is allowed to deceive or exploit by manipulation, withholding, misuse of information, misrepresentation or other unfair practice. For everyone that is admitted it is obligate to commit to this ethic principles and the violation of this principles while being member of CReED should entail the exclusion.

It should be prevented that any of the members harm the reputation of CReED or the german waste management business at all. In the long therm this ethic principles should promote confidence building and become a quality label for CReED.