CReED Multimedia Training Project

An exceedingly innovative and DBU sponsored CReED-project is currently in the preparation stage! It is an interactive multimedia training project, new and as yet unique in the world. It’s a suitable method to force CReED right at the top in its own training activities while shaping a sustainable development. The core idea is to create innovative, interactive and multimedia training modules as an element for the know-how-transfer in order to implement sustainable waste management in varyingly developed countries.

A fruitful waste management practice is based on the three elements technology, personnel and public consent. The systems and technologies for a sustainable waste and resource management in developing and emerging and as well in transition countries are present and need to be adjusted to the respective needs only. In most cases there is no or not enough skilled personnel available to realize or implement sustainable waste management. Educational materials that base on innovative didactic methods for knowledge transfer are required for the capacity building in less developed regions and countries. That could be countries in Europe, especially East-Europe, but also developing and emerging countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The project is initiated by CReED, the Technical University Brunswick and Wiese Foto + Film. Professor Fricke and his department for waste and resource management at the TU Brunswick are responsible for the conceptual work, the contents and the scientific monitoring, the didactic realization and the evaluation. CReED and especially Burkart Schulte will support by professional and expert advice. The realization of visual parts and of the interactive software is in the hands of Harald Wiese and the team of Wiese Foto + Film.

The training modules are introduced by a film of approx. 20 minutes dealing with waste management problems and especially conceptual, technical and financial solutions in the different countries. In the presentation of the solution the producers do rely on the cooperation with companies and institutions, especially from out of the CReED-membership. Presently the project is being prepared textual and conceptual.

In the autumn of 2015 the executive work is going to start already. On a journey through Italy to Malta first recordings of three plants and projects are going to be realized. The first part of the project is planned to last for two years. Until mid of 2016 first modules will be created and reprocessed in order to be presented to the members. The CReED-members will be enabled to get an idea how particularly beneficial the project is also for their own activities and presentations. By the circumstance that the subsidies will not be sufficient for the overall implementation the material and financial support of the members will become necessary. Therefore, proposals and contribution of the membership that could provide the projects are needed. The members will benefit from its realization by a detailed representation in the training project. Moreover, the individually reprocessed training materials of course can be used for own purposes.